Pedal assist E-bike EL-CA +

Let's go

Discover New Places

ELECTROLYTE has a generous riding range of 80-100 km on a single charge so you can ride longer, commute farther, and take on bigger adventures.


Simple & easy to fold

ELECTROLYTE-Fits in your car or take it on public transportation, train, subway, or bus


8 Speeds

SHIMANO TOURNEY SL-RS45 shift lever delivers easy and reliable shifting for all riders.

Correct cadence helps riders of electric bicycles maximize their efficiency, which in turn impacts the amount of battery power used.

The REVOSHIFT shifter allows riders to maintain a secure and stable grip on the handlebar by requiring just a twist of the thumb and index finger for shifting.

Safer Pedal Assist

5 speeds with auto brake

5 Levels  of pedal assist mode controlled via the computer on your handlebars offer more flexibily for smooth effortless rides.

LCD display provides clear indication of current speed battery levels, and selected “assist” level.

Electrolyte comes with an additional safety mechanism, which automatically cuts off the power when braking to ensure your safety.


E-bike Power

Large capacity battery 36V 10.6Ah delivers 18650 power. It is equipped with 30 lithium batteries, which can achieve an energy conversion efficiency of 85%, which lays a solid foundation for a driving range of up to 80KM in the electric bicycle mode.


Power - Torque - Light Weight

ELECTROLYTE 350W’s motor effortlessy get’s you to the top speed of 25km/h. Light weight and high torque E-bike motor lets you ride comfortably up hill with minimal energy consumption.



Powerful beam, water resistant, and built with high quality materials.
Directly connected to the main battery no additional charging needed.


Tail light

Designed in compliance with safety regulations, these powerful brake lights are clearly seen by approaching vehicles whether day, night, or in heavy rain.

Directly connected to the main battery no additional charging needed.


Color: Gray /White

Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Weight (w/ battery): 21kg (46.3lb) 

Unfolded size: 155x57x110cm

Folded size: 87x30x78cm


Transmission: 8 variable speeds

Top speed:25km (15 mph)

Max load:120kg (264lb)

Motor: 350W

Battery: 36V battery 10.6Ah

Charging time: 5-6 hours Range: 80-100km




With a 350W motor at 25km/h, it’s lightweight and effortless. Ultra-high endurance of 80 to 100km and fast charging.

Convenient Storage

Fast and time-saving storage, does not occupy space, easy to carry and convenient, and can be stored with simple operation. It’s definitely the best partner for you to go out and relax!

Light and Effortless Ride

The light weight provides strong power and can easily overcome various slopes with minimal energy consumption.