Pedal Assist Foldable E-bikes


Powerful Motor 350W
High Speed 25km/h

Easy to fold

Perfect bike for commuters
compact & easily transportable

UP to 100km

Extended Riding Range
Power Up!
E-bike Branding Design & Development
Jetta Electric is a multi-function E-bike self-owned brand developing and distribution venture based out of Taiwan.

We source and curate exclusive, innovative outdoor recreation brands to be sold at premium retail locations across Taiwan and USA.

Our team

Professional Experience

We provide a professional team of product planning and development, supply chain integration, marketing, merchandise agency and quality control expertise to the table.

Recent Projects


MPS is a 100%-owned subsidiary of ACER.
This power assist e-bike is equipped with ACER’s complete electronic control system.


Electrolyte the first foldable E-bike to pass the “national safety test (CNS14126) ” was successfully launched in  Taiwan.  Currently available for purchase online and through a large network of distributors Island wide.

Distributors Wanted!

In the last quarter we have been active in solidifying new partnerships with customers in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South-Asia and also UK to broaden our whole sales network.




With a 350W motor at 25km/h, it’s lightweight and effortless. Ultra-high endurance of 80 to 100km and fast charging.

Convenient Storage

Fast and time-saving storage, does not occupy space, easy to carry and convenient, and can be stored with simple operation. It’s definitely the best partner for you to go out and relax!

Light and Effortless Ride

The light weight provides strong power and can easily overcome various slopes with minimal energy consumption.